The following Q&A for you to understand the after-sales service, please have a basic check before asking after-sales service, it will save time and cost.

If you need more information, please contact us .

  Troubleshooting WI-FI connection

If Mercu is offline or working slowly, it might be the WI-FI problem, please check your WI-FI connection is working.

  Change the WI-FI password or the wireless router

If you install a new wireless router and change the SSID or password, please update the WI-FI information on Mercu.

The simplest repairing is setting the same SSID and password as before, even if you purchase a new wireless router, as long as the manufacturer setting is the same, Mercu will connect with the WI-FI directly under the normal situation.

If Mercu cannot connect with the WI-FI directly or your want to change a new SSID and password, please update the WI-FI information on Mercu. (Please refer to the Advanced Setting)

  Not recommended WI-FI network for Mercu

  • Mobile hotspot
    Mobile hotspot will share the mobile network with other devices, although Mercu can connect with it, we do not recommend.
  • Public network or guest network
    For safety concern, please do not connect either the public network or the network under no permission with Mercu. We do not recommend that use the public network or guest network because if there is something wrong, you may not solve the problem completely.
  • Internet portal
    Internet portal is a common network at the airport, hotel, internet café or the coffee shop, you have to log in (sometimes have to accept the requests) to connect with the internet.