• Each icon represents a function that understands the icon function to make it easier for you to use it.


    • Camera has Wi-Fi option, microphone, advanced settings.
    • If the microphone is turned off, you can not receive the sound.
    • Advanced Options can delete mercu and change mercu ring led status color.
    • Delete mercu, All information will be deleted. (include room and event & message)


    • Built-in four warning sound.

Record sensor

    • It is recommended to use 32G SD card.
    • When the usage capacity is not enough, the image file will be overwritten.


    • When set, an event trigger will notify the phone or tablet.
    • After setting,you can notify friends of the phone or tablet. (must be have friends)


  • Friends or family need to download app, binding account and accept you  in order to join each other.
  • Friends or family can only watch and talk to the camera, can not change your settings.