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Last updated : November 2018


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Privacy Policy

GalaThings respect your privacy, please read the following introductions carefully to protect your personal data.

The Company collects, stores and uses your personal data for specific purposes to support and enhance our relationship with you, for example: to process your support, to share the products, services and promotions with you. GalaThings is committed to protecting your privacy and information, and if you have privacy concerns or concerns, please contact GalaThings.

Your account is protected by the password to ensure your privacy and security. If you access your account through a third-party website or service, you may have more or different log-in protection through it. You must prevent unauthorized access to your account and personal information by appropriate selection and protection of your password, after login visiting, limit the access to your device, browser or application upon completion of the access.

We will try our best to protect your account and the personal data, but we cannot guarantee the complete security. Unauthorized access or use, the malfunction of the software and hardware and other factors may endanger the account security. Our privacy policy is not apply to third-party authorization service, while you use Facebook or Google for the service, they may get your information, therefore, we hereby remind you of reading the third-party privacy policy.

We will not collect the personal data from anyone under the age of 13 on purpose, if you are under the age of 13, please do not try to send any personal data to us. If we find out we’ve collected the personal data from anyone under the age of 13, we will delete it according to the Term of Use. If you find out your children offer the personal data without parents’ permission, please contact us by

GalaThings collects information about you

GalaThings requires specific personal information. To enhance the technical support and service, we will ask you to offer the information.

We will collect the personal data when you interact with us, the conditions may as bellows:

  • Ask us to provide the quotation or place an order
  • Ask us to send an e-mail notification
  • Ask our online consultant for assistance
  • Make a request online or by phone
  • Participate in promotional activities and subscribe to newsletter or email

GalaThings uses your personal information for particular purposes.

The personal data you provide will be kept confidential, used and disclosed only if such data is collected or as permitted by law. For the following general purposes or other legitimate business purposes, for the collection and processing:

  • Process your purchase order or provide the services you need
  • Implement requirements for products and services, improve our products and services, and contact you
  • Avoid fraud and other prohibited or illegal activities
  • Protect the security or integrity of our websites, businesses, products or services
  • Customize marketing communications shared with you by our company

APP data protection

  • APP (bind account) Use this service to verify your identity:

After the binding account is completed, you can easily view each camera in the account from any phone or tablet by logging in to the bound account.

  •  Installation Information You Provided:

When you install Mercu, system will ask you to provide the location where the device is installed (Location Services), you can turn it off while the installation is completed.

  • Device Sensor Data:

We collect data from multiple inductive receivers built-in Mercu. For example, Mercu motion detection detects motion, and the Mercu sound sensor can clearly hear the sound, the other sensor detects the current temperature, humidity and brightness at home and whether the window or door is open or closed (IOT Device), etc., the details depend on how you set up the device at home. These devices can sense the behavior at home and then alert and / or send you notifications. We also collect activities (such as arming, disarming systems or changing settings) and operations (such as alerting or sending notifications) you perform.

  • Device Sensor Technical Information:

To improve your experience for long periods of time and to help solve any problems that Mercu may encounter, we record device model and serial numbers, software versions, and sensor status, Wi-Fi connectivity and other technical information. Error logs, power status and battery level, and if the product features work properly.

The login way for account binding in the App

GalaThings offers three kinds of ways to log in for account binding. (We will ask your permission to use third-party authorization, such as Facebook or Google)

  • Facebook quick login: facebook account certified E-mail.
  • Google+ quick Login: google account certified E-mail.
  • E-mail account login: You can use your own approved E-mail account.

After account binding, you can share the videos and events with friends and family, they also protected by our statement privacy policy on this website.

If any of the above privacy policy is incomplete, GalaThings reserves the right to edit and delete the information at any time.

If you have any questions or concern about our privacy policy, please send email to, we will do our best to solve your problems.